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Therapeutic Retreats for Women in Nature

As women, we have inherited the marvelous capacity and strength to get where we want to be, all while achieving visibility in the world, however, we were also made to have spaces of introspection, silence, and regeneration. Without these spaces we have a harder time achieving our personal goals. The stress of work, the long commute, the caring for others, and the little time and attention we give ourselves can sometimes send us into a spiral of sacrifice and neglect that slowly and subtly debilitates us.

Feminine health is cyclical, and as a result there are moments of strong external impulses as well as moments of profound internal regeneration. Unfortunately, we do not allow ourselves the rest nor the time needed to do this important, intimate, and reflexive internal work.

It is therefore necessary that we find healing spaces, self-care, and proper nutrition. This is the purpose of the Therapeutic Retreats for Women in the Burrow, a place of rest and care where you will hug yourself, giving yourself to the light again in order to recuperate the Strong Woman who lives inside of you!

“When you enter the Burrow you know that you enter the Cave, the cave of someone with exquisite wisdom and light who guides you with love and devotion in your own process: to the depths of your being, of your light, of your shadow … And that is where I rediscovered myself with the Force of my Truth, which beats with all my Soul, expanding my Heart. ”

This is a beautiful place of personal alchemy supported by the love of Mother Nature that surrounds us. The reparative sleep, deep rest, connectedness to biological rhythms, and the delicious organic and vegetarian diet make for a cleansing experience of all that which no longer serves you in order to rediscover the woman who, in essence, you are. You will bloom during your stay here and will leave shining and vibrant with health!

 “Listening to my heart, I came without expectations, only with the idea of resting and spending time in this gorgeous valley. I am leaving Happy! Thank you for creating a sacred space of maturity and rediscovery, of light, personal process, of peace, of path and transmutation.”

A unique opportunity for women throughout the country in an enclave of extraordinary beauty, among the mountains of the valleys most prized for their natural richness: in the wonderful region of the Bierzo Leones.

“Being in the burrow helped me change a series of habits, to realize the value of my temple (my body). It helped me to follow a few steps to make some important decisions to heal deep wounds and to face life again with Love and gratitude. ”

Give yourself a break and allow yourself to be cared for among the sounds of the birds, the wind, the sunsets, and the deep encounter with your Being. 

 “This has been my way of abandoning my fears and of giving myself to Life, to Beauty”

“I went outside and everything surprised me, I was reborn. That’s how it’s been. I have been a few days in the womb, warm, well fed, harmonious, calm, complete, serene…”

This spring & summer I want to propose to you an experience. Allow yourself the space for reflection and care where you will be looked after with health, love, respect, and regulatory therapy.

Learn to look inside yourself.



Who are the retreats designed for?

Any woman who decides to embark on a deep shift in consciousness, healing, and self care.

Women looking to optimized their fertility in the process of conscious conception.

Women undergoing transitions in their identity and vital processes such as the maiden, motherhood, or menopause.

Women with uterine and ovarian disorders that affect their menstrual cycle: polycystic ovaries, fibroids, menstrual cramps, irregular bleeding, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Women with recurring mitotic infections (fungi, candida …)

Women with cancer who are interested in other styles of treatment that are compatible with conventional treatments.

Mothers in the post-partum process that need extra care to recover from childbirth or a cesarean delivery (they may be accompanied by their baby and partner).

Mothers and their teenage daughters on the path to female initiation through sexual self-discovery, feminine self-care, and the natural cycles.

Mothers and teenage daughters who wish to embark on this sacred woman-to-woman legacy in a safe space.

Women with heavily intervened deliveries and traumatic cesareans.

Women with a history of previous surgeries.

Women recovering from sexual trauma and rape.

Women seeking to heal from the aftermath of violent and abusive relationships.

Women with gestational and/or perinatal losses.

What do we offer at the retreats?

An integrative approach to the disorder that you would like to work on.

Comprehensive Therapy, Awareness of the Process, Support and Detox diet and/or plant-supported therapeutic fasting.

Knowledge of recipes and integrative works that you can continue at home.

Emotional support during the diet and follow-up at home.

Art Autumn Skye Morrison

Body Dynamics to Awaken Consciousness

Trips to the forest, intentional silences, and meditations

Ancestral Remedies with Medicinal Plants from the Area

Exercises for Uterine Reconnection and Female Relaxation

Expression through Art and Creation: Music, Painting, Mud, Body Expression, Voice, Collage, Weaving…


FOUR DAYS of treatment with a specific Diet for your Disorder, plus Integral Feminine and Regulatory Therapy. Individualized treatment.

Sessions begin the first day at 12h and sessions end on the last day at 16h


Amidst the beautiful mountains of the Bierzo Leonese, near the “Camino de Santiago” in Spain. In a precious wood and stone house that is dedicated to balance and harmony through the connection with nature.

The accommodation is intended only for two places. For a few days you will awaken to the sounds of nature, spend magical days near your fireplace, use your private bathroom with shower, and make use of your chestnut wood furniture surrounded by stone walls in a beautifully renovated rustic house, fully equipped with the amenities to heal you.

“The stay is an unforgettable, enriching experience. This house is delicious, the stone and the wood… an excellent, living combination of cozy elements. Sleeping by the fireplace is a gift and the setting … wonderful and spectacular! ”

The Burrow is a house created by and for women to rest, take care of ourselves, hug ourselves, and to give us light in the valley of the thick Rimor forest among the old chestnuts: the perfect enclaves to release what no longer serves you and return to your life renewed and happy, transformed and cared for, connected to well-being and health.

Financial contribution for THERAPUTIC RETREAT

FOUR DAYS of treatment with a specific Diet (90% organic ingredients) for your disorder with Integral Feminine and Regulatory Therapy. Personalized Treatment in room with fireplace and bathroom.

Sessions begin on the first day at 12h (it is possible to sleep over the night before) and sessions end on the last day at 16h


420 Euros with booking more than one month in advance

450 Euros with booking later and during high season

There are only two places available. Due to the demand for dates it is recommended to book well in advance.

Mothers who come with their daughters who wish to do the retreat together qualify for a discounted package. Ask for more information. Accommodations may be arranged if you have financial difficulties. Please contact me for more information.


Due to the success and demand each year of more and more women, we are working to offer these therapeutic retreats throughout Europe, the United States and South America. If you are interested in offering in your area you can contact us and we will do everything possible to find the dates that best fit. We will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for belonging to this beautiful community of women.



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