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Feminine Sound Healing® Training for professionals healers.


The objetive of this training is to learn the technique of Feminine Sound Healing® as a resource of therapeutical accompaniment, assistance and detection of feminine processes for professionals involved in the area of consciousness and women empowerment.  

It is addressed to any woman who wishes to initiate or deepen her personal evolution and feminine self-development and also to professionals, therapists and facilitators of groups that assist women, not necessarily initiated in sound therapy:

  • Women groups facilitators
  • Holistic or sound therapists  
  • Doulas, midwives and maternal educators y
  • Educators and social workers 
  • Psychologists, etc..

The specific theoretical contents are complemented with hours of practice with instruments, technique and voice.



– Theory of introduction to sound therapy: The sound and the principle of resonance. Feminine harmonic frequencies, the sound and energy in the inner transformation.

– Consequences of the sound in the physical, psychical, emotional, relational and spiritual areas. The feminine personal development through the use of sound therapy as a way to expand consciousness.

– The pelvis, the cycles and the feminine nature. Movement, bioenergetics and relaxation. The restoration of the psychical-physical union as a vehicle for the whole feminine health. 

– The hypothalamus, the instinct and the intuition, being a woman: A return to the body. Reconnect to the body and incarnate the new paradigms. Evolutionary accompaniment of the woman.

– Feminine somatic memories: Sound and release of blocked experiences. Meditation with movement and voice (Tandava). 

– Therapeutical use of the voice to release pelvic blocks and tensions. The resonance of the feminine voice in the initiation processes of the woman. 

– Introduction to overtone singing, how it works on the organism. Learning to sing overtones. Techniques of one cavity. Vocal training and recognition of natural resonators.

– The intention guiding the sound: Creative visualisations for harmonisation of the right hemisphere and the limbic system of the brain.

– Resonators of feminine frequencies: Quartz bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs. The exploration through sound. Applications and practices.

– Voice as a resource of accompaniment of the initiation processes of the woman. How to apply the singing, voice massage technique. 

– Learning the two cavities overtone singing technique. Individual practices, in pairs and in group.


We will do the next practices in nature: 

The Wild Feminine Nature: Practices of Feminine Sound Healing in nature

Dynamics for awakening and connection with the body every morning

Meditation, silence and inner journeying 

The feminine psyche, the creativity and the life-death-life

Vibration of the food and vibrational therapy in the daily life 

Singing in the forest, overtone singing in nature

Closing ceremony and the presentation of certificates

Additional activities:

A sound journey with shamanic and ancestral instruments & chanting

Native American flute introductory workshop


Teachers and facilitators:


Rocío Martín Sánchez.

I am daughter, sister, mother, “comadre”, doula and therapeutic companion of traditional birth. I am also a sound therapist specialised in disorders of the female reproductive system. Actress of corporal and vocal expression. I have also assisted and leaded women circles for over ten years to work in the areas of feminine sexuality and instinctive creativity. My path has been always defined by health, art and the vision of the feminine evolution in the world. I am the creator of the technique Feminine Sound Healing ®. To know more about her visit her website:


Román García Lampaya

The three main areas of my work are the spontaneous and conscious body movement (with Tandava and Chi Kung), the energetic-vibratory therapy (with overtone singing and other instruments) and the Family Constellations therapy. I own a holistic centre in the mountains of Gredos in Spain, where I integrate my healing work in a natural setting. I believe that the effects of conscious therapies are enhanced by nature forces and this is why I like to do my work here. To know more about him visit his website:


Belén Prado

Having always a strong connection with nature, my background is environmental biology and ecotourism. I started my journey with Native American flute in 2008 and for years I have played while travelling the world. Soon, after moving to Bristol three years ago, I was invited to play at sound baths, yoga classes and various events. I started to give flute workshops and created a flute circle to play with others. Eventually I decided to train in sound therapy and I learned how to use my voice and other instruments for healing. I also believe in the importance of reconnecting with nature to recover health and well-being. To know more about her visit her website:


Venue: Earth Spirit Centre in Glastonbury (

The financial investment is the next:

For the training:

Early bird: 450 pounds before the 30th August 2019

500 pounds until the 25th October 2019

For the accommodation and meals (not included in the price of the training) these are the prices per day:

Standard accommodation (mostly shared rooms with shared bathroom) and three vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner): 36 pounds per day.

Camping/ Campervan (with outside bathroom) and three vegetarian meals: 30 pounds per day.

For better accommodation (ensuite, the suite, attached bathroom), single occupancy and dietary requirements (gluten free, dairy free or organic), please ask us for the prices.

For bookings or for more information please contact 07873976508

You can also visit this Spanish website: 

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Belén Prado, Bristol U.K.


Belén is a certified sound therapist and give her sessions in Bristol, both one to one and for groups. She also collaborates with several sound therapists, musicians and yoga teachers in Bristol and run sessions together. Her favourite instrument is the Native American flute, and it is the one that took her to the path of sound healing. She gives regular group flute workshops and private classes, both in person and online. She believes that the Native American flute is a healing instrument that can help everybody unlock their natural creativity and release emotions.

She also likes to work with the voice as it is the gateway to access our truth and express as we really are. Her love for nature took her to study biology and ecotourism at university, volunteer in conservation projects around the world and get involved in the environmental activism. She is now exploring ways to connect with nature in a way that is not so racional and involves the body. She decided to start training at the Natural Academy to become a certified nature therapist.

She is also taking courses about herbal medicine, vegan nutrition & cooking and wellbeing coaching, as she is very much into healthy living. Her journey to heal the femenine took her to attend women festivals, workshops, ceremonies… and try several practices to connect with her womb. She is also involved in TreeSisters, a global sisterhood to support women in their journey to heal themselves as well as restore the forests of the world. She wants to offer her work to women to thelp them recover their femenine power and connect with their self-healing potential. 

You can find her by her website: