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Rocío Oceano

Daughter, sister, mother, doula. Sound Healing Therapist, Nutritional Coach, Vital Health and Integrative Medicine Doctor, Director in Holistic Retreats for Women & Couples in the north of Spain. Midwifery and Doula of life and death. Yoga teacher and actress and working hard by guiding in workshops and training of Feminine and Creative Awareness, Sacred Sexuality, Pelvic Floor Health and Sacred Motherhood, in presence and online.

Her extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology came from her university studies in nursing and podiatry in 1998. After founding a natural foot disease clinic, she enrolled in Drama in 2003 trying to understand the mysteries of the mind. She began to meditate and do yoga at university, which caused her a deep transformation of her vision of health, encouraging her to her studies in integral medicine in the Basque country.

She has studied neurological decoding (2006), holistic gynaecology and uses of plants (2008), emotional management of stress, trauma and EMDR (2009), Bioenergetics with Adrianne Reich, Sexuality with many Taoist and Tantric masters such as Ronald Fuchs and Diane Richardson(2012-2018).

As a sound therapist, Román Garcia Lampaya is one of her teachers but also Rafa Monsonís, Nestor and Michelle, Don Bechín in Perú… Sound healing is just a resource that helps to facilitate the process of unveiling the information of our pelvis with all the information that she has acquired in this life and transgenerationally…

But the best university its being supporting has been supporting one by one, healing and being side by side with almost 500 women in their development process… is a great master. She learned in Peru (2014) the Shamanic and Sacred Plants to manage a natural health connected with a spiritual life. She is also mum of a beautiful girl, Kirtan Singer and Nature Communicator. She has applied therapeutic sound through her voice and therapeutic instruments to many women in labor of birth finding wonderful benefits.

She created Terapia de Sonido Femenina (Feminine Sound Healing) in 2009 in Spain but from 2016 she is traveling teaching the study of this technique (which so many people have helped) to professionals from Spain, Portugal, France and South America.

The experience with ancestral wisdom around the world is in her heart, hands and body. That’s her job, to offer the infinite knowledge and to guide by remembering your wisdom in your wonderful body by sound, voice and abundance of our beloved Earth.

Rocío offers:

Using herbal and nutritional medicine, crystals, sound frequencies, voice , aromatherapy and ancestral knowledge we can meet with the wisdom of our body with earth and spirit. What for? Restore pelvic function organs: colon, kidneys, uterus and ovaries, intestine. Traumatic sexual experiences, aftermath of abuse. Bone and joint disorders. Reestablishment of a healthy sexual and respectful pulse. To find energy in the pelvis, connecting it with your heart and spirit. Your voice, your sexuality.

For Women with Period pain, Endometriosis, Papiloma virus, Cysts, Fertility disorder, Recover Female Sexuality, Restore Sacred Female Creativity, Disorder of Pelvic Floor after Pregnancy and Labor. Restore the connection with Earth and Moon guide for Menstrual Wisdom. For Couples to create a transcendental relationship, to optimize your fertility from the sacredness. To solve conflicts creatively with the heart and spirit. To recover magic and spiritual connection with your partner.

Rocío assists and energizes women’s circles for over ten years with thousands of people and concretes works of Feminine Sexuality and Instinctive Creativity.

She accompanies rites of passage of vital feminine processes like the first menstruation for young women and sacred motherhood rituals.

Founder and support of the platform Terapia de Sonido Femenina and Feminine Sound Healing.




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