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Belén Prado, Bristol U.K.


Belén is a certified sound therapist and give her sessions in Bristol, both one to one and for groups. She also collaborates with several sound therapists, musicians and yoga teachers in Bristol and run sessions together. Her favourite instrument is the Native American flute, and it is the one that took her to the path of sound healing. She gives regular group flute workshops and private classes, both in person and online. She believes that the Native American flute is a healing instrument that can help everybody unlock their natural creativity and release emotions.

She also likes to work with the voice as it is the gateway to access our truth and express as we really are. Her love for nature took her to study biology and ecotourism at university, volunteer in conservation projects around the world and get involved in the environmental activism. She is now exploring ways to connect with nature in a way that is not so racional and involves the body. She decided to start training at the Natural Academy to become a certified nature therapist.

She is also taking courses about herbal medicine, vegan nutrition & cooking and wellbeing coaching, as she is very much into healthy living. Her journey to heal the femenine took her to attend women festivals, workshops, ceremonies… and try several practices to connect with her womb. She is also involved in TreeSisters, a global sisterhood to support women in their journey to heal themselves as well as restore the forests of the world. She wants to offer her work to women to thelp them recover their femenine power and connect with their self-healing potential. 

You can find her by her website:



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