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Rosa Zaragoza, Spain


“I am a Mediterranean singer-songwriter, I collect very old songs and I write my own to accompany childbirth, life, death… From my female perspective, I express how women feel in their bodies, their souls, their desires…

I think there is a natural way to sing from the body and soul that awakens and comforts us.
I like to sing to women so that they feel happy to be and free to claim our wild nature which does not meet anyone’s expectations.

I am a mother. I sing to humanize the birth process to be as every woman wants it.

I am feminist but I also talk about the sacred that is beyond patriarchal religions.

My work can be heard on 15 CDs.
I sing and offer workshops all over the world; I´ve worked throughout Europe, in Tunisia, Turkey, Lebanon, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, et al.”

This amazing woman is a reference for many women in the world. Her lyrics and music inspire us to be whatever we want to be and to feel our beauty as sacred place in which we live.

You can find much more of Rosa´s beautiful work and contact her at:


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